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Lecture and Conference Recordings

Welcome to the collection of our recordings from lectures and conferences spanning over 60 years.
Run a search below in the search bar using specific keywords or use the dropdowns below to help filter your options.  “Sort by Date (Newest/Oldest)” refers to when the files were uploaded, not the date the lecture was given.

We hope that you find them useful and helpful for learning more about the Lord Jesus and the Bible. 

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  • Prophecy 2 – Interrupted Prophecy, Daniel 9
    Bell, George
    Bible Passage: 27 Daniel
  • Prophecy – Christ the Theme and Centre
    Bell, George
    Bible Passage: 66 Revelation
  • Prophecy 1 – Dispensations, What Are They?
    Bell, George
  • Prophecy 3 – The Mystery, Acts 26
    Bell, George
    Bible Passage: 44 Acts
  • Prophecy 4 – Will the Church Go Through the Tribulation?
    Bell, George
  • Prophecy 5 – Then Cometh the End
    Bell, George
  • Prophecy 6 – The Stone Cut out without Hands
    Bell, George
  • Balaam’s Prophecy – 2
    Bell, George
    Bible Passage: 04 Numbers
    Year: 1992

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