Bible ABC’s- Neglect

When I was about 6 years old, I was really into gardening. I helped my parents plant seeds, pick the produce of them, and do the weeding (although I probably pulled up some perfectly normal plants too!). I loved it, and for my birthday, I got my own little gardening set. My dad even made a section in our garden that would be mine for me to grow flowers and fruits. One summer went by with huge sunflowers taller than me, and I thought that I had found my new hobby. But just like all 6 year olds, I very quickly found a new interest. I neglected my garden and it started over growing with weeds, and it looked so ugly, not like the garden I had wanted it to be.

Now, you’re probably thinking, “nice story, but why are you telling me this?” Well, it’s pretty similar to our own spiritual lives. We get all excited and with good intentions when we’re newly saved with great intentions. But then, after a while, we go back to the things that we used to enjoy, neglect our spiritual lives so that quickly our lives are overgrown with these weeds and it all looks ugly. How can we overcome this? Think back to the very reason you first found your salvation. It was nothing to do with our own works; it was all the Lord’s. He didn’t neglect us, He loved us and gave His life for us. He will help you in not neglecting your spiritual life if you spend time with Him in prayer and reading your Bible.